What is “The Social Dilemma”?

The Social Dilemma is a Netflix documentary that speaks about the damage that social media has on society.  

Go to our blog post about ‘The Social Dilemma’ to find out more about what the documentary says about platforms such as social media. 

Tips and tricks 

  • In the documentary, it was suggested you should follow people who have different or opposing views or interests to you on Twitter.

This can help people keep informed of all aspects and arguments of any particular debate.

  •  Rather than going on social media for your information, use websites and apps that give you a wider outlook and are also genuine sites. 

This allows you to get all the facts about a topic or situation, it’s more regulated and less likely to be fake news. 

  • Limiting time on social media

Screen time can be used for this or helpful to make people aware of just how much time they spend on each app.

  • Use the ‘Creative Studio’ app to schedule posts

This allows you to only spend time scheduling posts rather than get distracted by what other posts there are on your feed. 

However, remember that social media and other platforms also have a positive aspect to them. It is just about finding the right balance.