The Internship is about two salesmen that have had their careers abolished by the digital age. However, they got their way into an internship at Google, where they had to accomplish challenges to get a place at google.

I usually don’t find that many comedies funny, however, this comedy made me laugh. The comedy that was within the film was more natural than others that I have watched which I like. This is because it shows that they aren’t trying too hard to make people laugh which makes it more relatable to people.

The storyline was basic but it was still entertaining and a great insight into what a type of employment strategy a company may use. This film opened my eyes as it taught me that anyone can get somewhere, even if they don’t fit the mold.

Overall, the film is fun-loving, chilled and is relatable to real-life situations. It has given me insight as well to what types of skills I’ll need for going into a job, intern, or an apprentice.