For the past few years, Christmas for my family has looked like this;

My brother and I wake up ridiculously early in the morning and wait for my parents to wake up. We go downstairs and open presents together and then wait for Christmas dinner. We have phone calls with the rest of our family members for a minute or two but they are also busy with their own traditions and before you know it the day is over.

This year is a little different

This year is going to be a little different, Now we are sending each other gifts online and my whole extended family has organised an hour long zoom call as we have all become accustomed to them by now, and  we are going to open presents, catch up and play a big family quiz with a round dedicated to each ‘sub section’ of our family. I am going to have the opportunity to talk to members of my family that I haven’t spoken to in years and although I would love to see them in person, we have all agreed that this year on top of materialistic gifts, we are giving each other the gift of health and wellness by being responsible and keeping distance in accordance with government guidance.

Make a new tradition

Touching on our other blog put out this week on traditions, why not make this a family tradition in itself?

Don’t celebrate, do it anyway! 

This year will be  unlike any other we have known, and yes this isn’t all positive, but for me at least, knowing that my family that I love is safe and happy is all that I need for the holidays this year!

And for anyone who isn’t celebrating anything at this point in the year, why not utilise this time to do zoom calls with your family regardless, with the year coming to a close, lets remind the ones we love just that and wish for a better 2021!