Since COVID-19 things have been different for many of us. We couldn’t do certain things like see our family and friends as often as we wanted to and so on. It’s been a difficult year! However, there have been things that we can now do that we couldn’t do before.

Fun Fact – Your sense of smell is weaker in the morning and stronger in the evening.

What could you do now that you couldn’t do before?

  • Facetime family that you may have not met before.

Before the March Lockdown, your lives may have been too busy to talk to your family on a regular basis, let alone the ones you may have not met before.

Now that we are in another stricture lockdown, there’s a chance of connecting with those family members that you haven’t met before. Apps such as zoom and teams are great ways to get your whole family together.

  • Restructure your schedule around your mental health and well-being

Since the first lockdown in March, looking after your mental health and well-being probably hasn’t always been the forefront of your mind. As you may have been too worried about things like results and the health of others etc.

However, lockdown is a great opportunity to work on listening to your body and finding the right support for you. As well as working on bringing the things that help you along your journey, not just in lockdown.

On the Platfform4yp website there are a lot of useful resources to help you with your well-being and listening to your body.

Fun Fact – A single strand of spaghetti is called a “spaghetto”.

Tips and Tricks – What can I do for each of the above?

Facetiming Family

  • Open gifts (If you are celebrating something)
  • Create a story or game together
  • Play a game like charades or trivia quizzes
  • Drawing game – Who can draw an object or person the best
  • Get to know each other that little bit further

Fun Fact – The human eye is so sensitive that, if the Earth were flat and it was a dark night, a candle’s flame could be seen from 30 miles away.

Restructure your schedule around your mental health and well-being

  • Each day, set a specific time to rest and reflect on your day.
  • Ask yourself, am I craving anything and allow yourself to indulge as your body may need that something.

Fun Fact – Cows and crows can hold grudges against specific individual people.

In conclusion, there are many good things that we can take away from COVID-19 and lockdown. Yes, it won’t take away what has happened over these past months but think about the positives. Use both the positives and negatives and use them to create a path for you in the future.

Try not to live in the past too much but strive for better in the future.