Today (Thursday 4th March) is University Mental Health Day. This year has been difficult for all and many university students have not been getting the support they need. Here are some tips and activities that can help you with the stress of being in Uni whilst in a pandemic. 

How can we care for ourselves? 

  • What is most important to me?
  • Make an infographic like the one below but for healthy living. 
  • Self care – what do you do already and what could you do?


  • Non-negotiables – Making time in between studies for activities that help with your well-being is something that is non-negotiable. 
  • Relationships – Relationships are there for support and knowing how to uphold these relationships whilst studying is important. As we aren’t able to meet with family and friends in person in the usual way as before so talk schedule in time to text and call each other. You can even take photographs as a reminder of the people that care about you. 
  • Social Media – Knowing when to log off from social media is vital. However, it does have its ups as it allows you to connect with others from your course etc. Yet, social media can have a negative influence on you if you don’t take consistent breaks. As well as this, check who you follow as certain accounts can have negative effects on your well being. 
  • Support Systems – If you are struggling with anything in Uni, make contact with services that are right for you. 

Mindfulness Music 

Other useful links

Overall, your wellbeing is important all year round and not just in Uni, but being in Uni puts a lot more pressure on young people. Reach out, make those support systems and make sure to have some breaks to focus on yourself.