For the past summer holiday as well as the summer holiday that’s starting today, it has and will be different because of COVID-19. This can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. So, what can you do to make it fun? 

How can the summer holidays affect your mental health? 

Someone’s mental health can be affected by the new schedule that we have had to adjust to because of COVID-19. We haven’t been able to do the same things as before and this goes for the summer holidays as well because of the restrictions. 

As this is the last day of school for many people before going for summer holidays, leaving the comfort zone of the school environment after being away from it for so many months, can seem daunting. 

People can feel anxious, stressed and lonely as school can be the only time they can interact with others or their friends. As well as not having the structure of the school day which can make you feel isolated. 

What can you do over the summer holidays to make it more fun? 

Plan ahead 

Because of COVID-19 there are restrictions in place but this shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to meet your friends. Many places such as restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys and so much more have booking systems and rules in place so why not book ahead and schedule your days. 

This means that you wouldn’t be stressed about finding a restaurant to eat at as your table is already reserved or not getting seats at the cinema and so on. 

Join in on the activities

  1. Complete 24 skills in 24hrs
  2. Create a documentary on a topic that you feel strongly about
  3. Film a music video 
  4. Redecorate your room
  5. Write a short story 
  6. Go on walks, cycles and do other physical activities 
  7. Play card games and board games with family and friends 
  8. Learn something new that you have wanted to do for years

Overall, the summer holidays don’t have to be something to be dreading. If you feel nervous about being lonely, isolated or want to talk with somebody, please get in contact with people you feel comfortable with, whether that is professionals or family or friends. 

Keep an eye out on this space for more activities to do over the summer holidays!