Men’s mental health is something that isn’t spoken about enough. The statistics are more likely higher for men than they say as men are less likely to speak about their struggles. 

Why is this?

Society is conditioned to follow the gender norms and roles. This includes this idea that men have to be masculine and be in control which sets unrealistic expectations. 

Frequently, men have said that they don’t want to waste the doctor’s time as well as struggling to admit that they need help. A lot of these men say the reason this is, is because they feel shame and humiliated. 

Men don’t talk about their feelings in the same way as women and can also bat an eyelid to the signs of going through struggles. This can lead to men failing to act on those feelings which can lead to men being against seeking help.  

How can we help?

  1. Check in with them
  2. Listen 
  3. Reconnect 
  4. Encourage each other  

What are the warning signs? 

  1. Aggressiveness, anger and irritable
  2. Change in moods and energy levels 
  3. Changes in appetite and sleeping habits 
  4. Difficulty focusing 
  5. Participating in high risk activities  
  6. High consumption of drugs or alcohol

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Overall, there are many other signs that men are going through mental health struggles but men’s mental health is just as important as women’s mental health. There still needs to be a lot done to improve and society views need to change. Where can we start to make this change? US