As International Friendship Day was a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about how important having the right people around you are, especially whilst we are in a pandemic. Even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted, the people around you are still as important as ever.

However, friendships can be hard and they can come at unexpected times. Yet, once you have found the right people for you, it allows you to have a sense of belonging and purpose. As well as this, friendships increase your well-being and self-confidence which allows you to be happier overall.

Friendships whilst in a pandemic

Even though the lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, we still need to follow the measures that are still put into place.

Whilst we can now meet with our friends, we can exercise, go for meals/cafes, and so on which allows you to have that face-to-face contact that we didn’t have for a long time. Don’t forget that we can still facetime, call, and text each other.

Having friendships in such a time like this is important as we may get fed up with the people we are living with or we don’t live with people at all. You can support each other, have fun, and get through the pandemic together!

So, if you are going to take anything from this (which I hope you do) stop what you are doing and reach out to your friends, tell them how much they mean to you and plan something together, whether it is a socially distant walk or a zoom movie night. Anything is possible with a little creativity!

This lockdown may have had many downsides, but one positive thing to come out of it is that we can learn the importance and power of friendship!