Start of the week is a podcast series that the BBC started to talk about different issues. In this episode Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lucy Foulkes and Sally Holland examine where to draw the line between suffering and illness with the host Andrew Marr.    

Personally, I thought that the style of the podcast was a bit more animated when they were talking and I felt like the conversation didn’t flow like the other podcasts I’ve listened to. However, the content of the conversation was very interesting. 

The host and the guests were talking about how outside aspects affect someone’s physical and mental state. For example, if someone believes something is not going to happen when they thought it would, they could go into a coma like state.   

I liked how even though there were quite a few people in the podcast, everyone was able to speak and get their points across. However, I felt like it wasn’t as relaxed as other podcasts I’ve listened to. 

One fact that I found quite interesting was that if you haven’t been diagnosed by the time you are 24, the likelihood that you will have mental health issues after that age decreases as your brain has fully developed by that age. 

Overall, I enjoyed the podcast as I was able to listen all the way through without getting distracted as I was intrigued by what they were saying. The podcast didn’t drag on and it talked about topics in a respectful way.

Listen to the podcast here!