As a lot of you may know, schools and Uni’s have already started or about to start back. Since for some of you, you have exams to revise for, concentrating and revising is a big part of doing that. 

Here are some videos and music to help you to concentrate;

Videos – 

  1. How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused While Studying –

Music – 


Tip – When you use concentration music, like the ones that I have added above, you can use the length of time the music goes on for as a guide for how long you work or revise for. Once the music stops, take a break and come back after you have taken a breather! By doing this, it will help you to become more productive with your time and you’ll then become more confident in what you’re learning. 

Videos – 

  1. 4 simple ways to get motivated – 
  2. Google sheet method for active recall – 
  3. The Retrospective Revision Time table – 

Tip – When it comes to revising, there is no one set way of learning a topic as everyone is different, so it is always good to find out what way suits you best. In the videos above, there are some different ways that may help you in revising! However, if these ways don’t suit you, don’t worry as you can just search up ‘Videos to Help You Revise’ in the YouTube search bar and different strategies will come up!