This is a continuation to a blog written this week on gap years which you can read here!

Why did I take a gap year?

Honestly, I took a gap year as I didn’t get into the school that I wanted to for higher eduction, I decided that I would take a year out of school and would just apply again in the next round of application, but I had no idea what to do with all my time!

My personal financial situation was a reason that I didn’t get into the university I was aiming for as I planned on applying to American Universities where this is a variable they consider. So, I utilised the time i had to work and make money for myself. I worked for a long time in a pizza place, this may seem like pretty underwhelming and arguably boring work, but I actually loved the experience and I learnt a lot from it. I was front of house, and so I would be speaking to people constantly and it really improved my confidence and social skills. I also worked as a team in a pretty stressful and time sensitive environment and the skills I took from that of how to be an effective leader and team member are things that I utilise in my everyday life.

What made my gap year unique is that half way through the COVID-19 pandemic began. This resulted in me losing this job and so I had to find another position. This is how I started working with Platfform on this project! They offered me a remote position as the choef editor of Platfform4YP and similarly to my other job I have learnt so much during my time here!

Between this I also had the opportunity to focus on my photography going to speak and exhibit in different places which was a dream come true! The best part about all of this is that it is not conventionally what people think of when they think about the content of a gap year, we usually think about traveling the world or other larger than life experiences, but I am wiritng this to let you know that you don’t have to do anything like that to have a meaningful gap year.

Another big reason that I and many others have for taking a gap year is just to take a break! Secondary school is a very stressful experience and can be very draining mentally, physically and emotionally, and so there is no reason to feel bad for having to rest for a while and wait until you go into work or continue into higher education. I spent a lot of my gap year focusing on self-improvement and  improving my relationship with myself, this took the shape of anything from improving my diet and exercise to working on how I speak to myself and having a generally more positive outlook on life.

So, Your gap year can look however you want it too, the blog linked above explains a little bit about how to have a  meaningful gap year in the middle of a global pandemic, and so hopefully, this insight alongside that blog will make your decision just a little bit easier!