Patrick shares the story of his 19 year old sister’s sudden and unexplained death. Throughout the documentary, it shows Patrick and his parents looking for answers for why their 19 year old daughter/sister never woke up. 

I liked how the documentary included information that was interesting and educational. Normally, these kinds of stories are told by the parents. However, even though the parents were included, the main perspective was told through the sibling which was great. 

More than 600 young people die suddenly from cardiac death each year. Since Pratick’s sister passed away, him and his parents were introduced to the St George’s Hospital where they were subjected to cardiac tests. 

Patrick was not able to talk to his friends or family which shows the effect that losing a family member or a friend can have on a young person. Patrick showing that he was struggling with his mental health allowed other men watching to know that it is ok to not be happy and fine all of the time. 

I liked how the documentary talks about ways in which someone can get help. For example, Patrick goes to a counselling session with other young people who have lost a sibling to SADS. As well as this Patrick is seen talking to one of his college teachers about the situation.  

SADS is the leading cause if deaf in young athletes during exercise. What I thought was very beneficial was that Patrick interviewed a football player called Fabrice Muamba who survived SADS. This allowed people to have a perspective from the side of a survivor as well as the people who are grieving the loss of someone who passed away from SADS.  

Overall, I found that this documentary allowed people to be informed about this topic as I think it is not talked about enough. Especially since it’s affecting so many young people that seem to be fit and healthy. Lastly, I think that there could be more that could be done to reduce the numbers of deaths from deaths. 

Sudden Death – My Sisters Silent Killer