Meet Natalie

I’m Natalie and I am a Young Person’s Coach on the Platfform 4YP Swansea Bay project. I LOVE being a coach! It’s such a privilege to hear young people’s stories and work with them to empower and uplift them to live their best lives. I love that Platfform is willing to challenge the mental health system and advocate for a more trauma informed, strengths based approach. We all have inner strengths –we just need to be empowered to use them! I am very imaginative and love writing and reading. In my teenage years I wanted to be an actress and starred in a couple of TV adverts – including one with David Beckham! Seeing that as the peak of my acting career, I no longer act but advocate for the use of drama as a form of expression and therapy. A quote that has stuck with me since my childhood is ‘This too shall pass’. When we are anxious or low, it can seem as though we will always feel that way – this isn’t the case. We must be optimistic that better days will come!

Natalie now has left us. We hope that her future is great.

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