If you asked an 11 year old me about journaling, my face would turn red and I would quickly run home to check no one had found my diary in which I had written daily about fancying boys, daily squabbles with friends and the newest Avril Lavinge song. Up until this year, this was my only experience with Journaling. Despite enjoying writing, I did NOT want to write about how I felt. Additionally, the idea of having enough to say to write about every day did not seem possible for me!

However, as time has continued on this year I had realised that the way I view my days includes missing so many little important moments, that sadly I would eventually forget. So, alongside using the app ‘One second a day’ to record a second of each day, I began journaling. Now, I am here to advise you to do the same!

Why do we journal?

Journaling seems like a big headed way to prepare for your future autobiography, an insight into the life of you feels like you’re instagram famous with nothing else to say. But this is not the point! The point of journaling is to reflect on your day. You can find silver linings on cloudy days, and appreciate the sun when it shines on you. Not every day in life is interesting and exciting, that is not the aim. The aim is to be content, and journaling allows you to reflect on each day and notice what has made you smile, or laugh, or just given you a little moment of peace.

How to journal

If you do not enjoy writing like I do, you are most likely by now quaking in your boots. But it’s okay!. Journaling is a personal experience and down to you how you address it. This could be writing, poetry, picking a song that matched how you felt that day, or just taking a photo! However you want to reflect, you do it. Try a couple ways out, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Even on the darkest days, I guarantee that after a little practise you will be able to find something worth remembering that made your day a little better.


Want to try it out? Find a template below that you can use to start your inspiration. Fill this in every day for a week. You will be surprised at how difficult it is…at first. It gets easier, and as it does you find more and more things to write about!