A girl named Lyra is bound to give freedom to her world from the clutch of the Magisterium which restrains people’s ties to magic and their animation spirits (demons). 

Fun Fact – Everything is quite at the place of snowball because the fresh ice has the ability to absorb the sound inside it. 

Season 1 trailer – https://youtu.be/APduGe1eLVI 

Season 2 trailer – https://youtu.be/3CdQm6gLHUM 

There are currently two series of His Dark Materials which are based on the books, however, I have not yet read the books. I think in some situations reading the books after is better as there aren’t high expectations when watching the film or show. 

Fun Fact – The Oscars given out in World War 2 were made from wood because metal was limited. 

Even though I have not read the books, the series itself is amazing. The storyline gripped me straight away and now I have got my parents watching it. Not only is the storyline great, the visuals are as well which plays a huge part in telling the story, in my opinion. 

It’s an easy to follow show that doesn’t over do anything with the story or the visuals and sound. I think this has something to do with the fact it is aged rated at 13 so it is more of a family friendly show. 

Fun Fact – Owls are the only bird that can see the colour blue.

Behind The Scenes – https://youtu.be/3gT5_GMAYQo 

Overall, I would recommend watching the show if you want to indulge in something new, as well as having great visuals to look at.