What is a Gratitude Jar?

A gratitude jar is a glass, metal or plastic container that you keep in your own personal space. You can decorate it, recycle it, or even use a shoebox. Whatever you have to hand! You then only need some spare scraps of paper to write on, and a pen to write with.

A Gratitude Jar is a space for you to write to your future self. You note down on a scrap of paper what it is that you are grateful for, or happy about. This can be anything imaginable, such as the sun shining today, the ability to read, or the existence of cheese. Whatever you feel grateful for in the moment, you write on a scrap piece of paper and put in your Gratitude Jar.

What is the point in a Gratitude Jar?

The best way to use a Gratitude Jar is to try and fill it with all the things you can think of. If you are grateful for one thing today, that’s great. If you can think of 10 things you’re grateful for, put them all in your jar!

The more notes in your jar, the more you can pull out. Gratitude Jars help remind you of things you were once grateful for in moments when you perhaps can’t recall anything.. These little notes that may sometimes seem easy to write, can be massively helpful reminders in the future. You know what’s important to you, so finding them written in your gratitude jar can help put this into perspective!

What is there to be grateful for?

If you want to start your own gratitude jar but are unsure of what to write, here are some ideas on where to start:

  • The breath in your lungs
  • Your hardworking heart
  • The opportunity of a new day
  • An endless supply of knowledge that books provide
  • Animals
  • The sun on your skin
  • Beauty in nature
  • Music
  • Clean drinking water
  • Art
  • Rain that helps the plants grow
  • The bin men that keep the roads clean
  • The fresh start of Spring
  • Youtube for troubleshooting or dog videos
  • Refreshing walks
  • The opportunity to be grateful!