Just after their son leaves for college, the husband decided to divorce. This is where the wife runs into a dilemma where she has booked a second honey moon for them but ends up going by herself. Yet, she meets an elephant conservationist in which she wants to be with. 

As I love animals, this film was a perfect watch for me. It taught me a lot about a different culture and as well as learning about elephant conservation. This has now expired and I want to do my residential in elephant conservation. 

Normally, I don’t like romance films but the love story that was within this film was different as it wasn’t too cringy. Also, it was more like a reality relationship than anything else which I liked. 

However, the romance story was intertwined with showing the importance of wildlife conservation. It was amazingly shot as it impacted me in a positive way. They also use real-life elephants which surprised me. 

The scenery within some of the scenes was beautiful and it got me to see more of the world, even if it’s behind a screen. Yet, it has made me more eager to go to visit Africa.  

Overall, the storyline was incredible and it made me think about topics that aren’t talked about as often. It enlightened me on this topic and made me want to do more.