Shelby, a young woman, got swept away from Tennessee to Philadelphia by a man, who she thought she knew. After years away from her family, she returns home, only taking her three year old daughter and a few processions that she needs! She left for reasons concerning her husband as he leaves her in crippling debt. He was a liar! 

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was focusing on an ordinary woman, who was in her twenties, and was put in a position way over her head! However, what I took from this story is that, no matter how hard something gets, you will always get out the other side! 

I would like to see this story put into a film as even though it is following an ordinary woman but the situation she is in, has a sense of mystery to it! It kept me on my toes, especially when the story was nearing the end as I was shocked and didn’t see it coming! This is because when she returns back to her birthplace, to her family and friends, and finds out about the double life her husband had. 

Overall, the story is intriguing and is something that is a life lesson, to a certain extent because it shows that you have to be on high alert with certain people and what their true intentions are. However, this should not take away from getting to know people!