This will be a pretty short blog but it has a really important message.

In the mental health sector, and even in everyday life, we are exposed to the image of young people being ‘saved’ or ‘cured’ by a particular mental health charity or support service, but this is NOT TRUE!

Yes, support services of any kind are really important and for many people a fundamental part of their recovery, I am not talking at all about discrediting this work as I am extremely grateful for all of the support I have received throughout my life, what I am talking about is changing this idea that young people are merely products of these services and instead of starting to recognise the active role that the young person has played in their own recovery.

A support service should hold your hand, give you the support you need to heal, and then let you live your life feeling empowered by the fact that YOU overcame whatever challenges you faced.

So, if you have ever received any support of any kind or are currently receiving support, recognise the people who are helping and care about you, but don’t forget that without you, you would not be recovering, you need to realise how strong you are for overcoming what you have and most importantly feel confident and proud of yourself so that when the support eventually becomes less constant as you recover, you have the mental toolset to continue your recovery independently!

You are the main reason that you have come in far as you have in life, never let anyone tell you any different!