Childhood is something that everyone has a different experience with. You could’ve had a great childhood with lots of good memories, a bad childhood with little happy memories or somewhere in-between. However, whichever childhood you may have had, it’s important to acknowledge what you have gone through in the past so you can move forward. 

Reconnecting with your childhood can present itself in many different ways!  

Here are just a few;

  1. Reminiscing with your friends and family.
  2. Talking about your childhood with a therapist.
  3. When you are alone and start thinking about the past.

Whichever way you come across your childhood, there’s no reason to ignore it. Let yourself indulge in looking back on your childhood. If it’s a negative memory, take it one step at a time and strive to overcome that memory. Get someone to help you with this, if needs be too and make sure that you are in a safe position to do so. 

What you have been through, has shaped you for who you are today and overtime that can change into who you want to become. Your childhood can be used to power you to achieve your goals, whether it’s the negatives, the positives or both.   

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Turning negatives into positives; 

Write down a bad memory that had a negative affect on you, and develop it past what you naturally call the end. E.g. What happened after? Mentally run your memory to where you felt safe again. 

When you run over the memory, find something that you have learnt from it. Do this again about 15-20 times and find a different positive outcome of a bad situation. After some repetition, you’ll notice that your feelings towards this bad memory have turned to more of a positive. This allows you to accept your past and use it to add fuel to your fire for your future.  

This method does not erase the memory altogether but hopefully the negative memory will not have the same effect on you than it did before. 

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Reconnecting with your childhood means making a scene of what has happened to you in order to create a better life for yourself. You should cherish the moments that you enjoy and the memories that make you happy and overcome the memories that have a negative affect on you. 

Overall, memories from your childhood should be used as a tool to show how strong you really are. Holding negative memories can affect your well-being and bring you down. Get help if needed to overcome your past and pave a path forward for yourself.