HELLO and Welcome to Platfform4YP! Regardless of if you found this page through the Platfform website, signposting, friends and family, or just by searching aimlessly on the internet. You are welcome here! Platfform4YP is a unique project built and led entirely by young people from all over Wales who are passionate about mental health and pioneering for increased awareness and general positive change within the sector. 

Here you will find a load of blog posts and resources created by young people for young people on a range of topics; from mindfulness tips and activities to helpful book, app and movie reviews. Platfform4YP truly is a Platform for young people to create and share whatever they want, a place where we can get our voices heard, and most importantly, this is a space for young people to feel supported and empowered by other young people who either also have lived experience with mental health problems or who are just passionate about raising awareness and supporting others. 

So, please take the time to utilise this page in whatever way you need, this site will be updated weekly with new content; so, keep checking back to see what’s new! Also, if you want more uplifting and positive content, follow us on all your social media platforms [no pun intended ;)] at @Platfform4yp.  

We all have a say in what this looks like (including you!) so if you feel like you have something you would like to share or want to find out more about the project and how you can be involved, please email our chief editor Tom Evans at Tom.platfform4yp@gmail.com. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Here are some quotes from our editors explaining a little bit about them and why they want to be involved with the project: