Photography is something that I love to do in my own time as a hobby. It’s where I got my passion for the film industry. My favourite part of photography is that it can be a diary of your life through images and it shows the journey you have taken. This means that old and new memories can be secured into an image for many years to come. 

Positive Aspects of Photography

There are loads of positive aspects of photography. It’s a great stress reliever as it is just you and your camera. You can take photos that show who you are and it is something that you can feel proud of. 

Whilst I am taking photos, it stimulates my imagination, as I can see things in a different light. Also, no two people see the world the same way, so that saying that an image can mean 1000 words really is so fitting.   

Photography is a great self-esteem booster, as over time you can see the improvements that you have made. It takes you away from reality and takes you into a world that is just your own. 

Another positive aspect of photography is that it permits you to see things that you may not have seen otherwise. This means that you get to know every little detail of your surroundings and makes you feel confident in who you are.

My Photography Experience 

I, myself, have had a lot of experience in photography. I entered my first photography competition in year 6, when I was 10/11 years of age. In that competition, I came first which meant that my photo got entered into the next stage. However, I did not get any further than that. 

I have entered my second competition this year and I am waiting for the results to come in. This competition is a little bit different to the other one as there are five categories that you can enter. Yet, you can enter as many or as little photos as you want and I have placed 3 photos within 3 of the categories. The three categories that I entered were black and white, urban life and your view. Now that the competition has been judged, I got shortlisted which meant that I got to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up winning the competition!

Don’t forget, you don’t need a fancy camera to participate in photography. You can even take photos whilst you’re on your daily walk. Top tip, don’t overthink it, don’t hesitate, just click.