Why do we exercise?
Is it for enjoyment? to keep fit? or even for the social aspect? No matter what the reason, sport has a positive impact on our mental health. Even though we are in lockdown, that should not stop you from doing what you enjoy. Maybe you can’t use the equipment that you usually use, but you can do workouts that are specific to your sport to maintain the level you were at before all this craziness.

There are several reasons why physical activity helps with your mental health. Whilst you exercise, your brain produces multiple different chemicals that affect your mood, attitude, and your personal well-being.

By taking part in physical activity, it helps with your self-confidence which encourages you to participate more in that sport as well as other aspects of your life. Maybe you would go for that job interview that you wouldn’t have seen yourself doing before sport came into your life. Sport may give you purpose outside of your everyday life and you can set goals that you can feel proud of once you have achieved them; like a new personal best running time or weightlifting goal. This affects your mental health in a positive way as you can take the sense of pride and empowerment that you get from achieving these goals and apply it to all aspects of your life.

As soon as you join up to a sport, whether it is going to the gym or taking part in gymnastics, there is a community that you immediately become a part of. That’s got to feel nice to be a part of something that brings you and others happiness. Whilst in this community, you can create friends that have the same interests as you which means that you can take part and enjoy together.

Community building
Don’t you worry, I am in the same position as you guys, as 4 years ago I started attending a climbing club. Since starting, I have become a part of the climbing community and now feel like I belong. However, since lockdown, I have not been able to use the equipment that I usually use, so instead, I have kept up my fitness through workouts that are provided online. Also, from workouts that I have gotten from instructors over the past few years.

You may be thinking…
What can we do whilst at home? Luckily for you, there are lots of online workouts that you can follow that either involves equipment or no equipment at all. You can even create your own workout regime that may be more suited to you and your sport. Don’t forget that the government guidelines currently say that you can leave your house for one type of exercise per day that involves being on the move. These exercises involve walking, running or cycling. It’s never too late to start!