Not feeling like yourself is ok as sometimes things may not be going your way, something may be getting you down or there may not be a reason! No matter what it may be, you’re not alone. 

How can I  feel like myself again?

As there is no time frame to how long you may not be feeling like yourself, make sure that you do some self-care until you feel like yourself again! 

One of the things that you may hear over and over again is meditation. However, it is known to help people relax and feel calm. 

Here is a list of over activities you can do (Make sure to do something that you’ll enjoy!);

  • Read a book, watch a film or listen to music and podcasts
  • Play an musical instrument 
  • Go for a walk 

Going for walks are known to give you immediate mood improvement which may set you up for a better rest of the day. You still may not be feeling 100% afterwards but you’ll have a boost of confidence and be motivated to do over activities you enjoy. 

  • Baking 
  • Making plans 

I know this is hard right now to make proper plans but having something to look forward to may help lift your mood, even if it is just a facetime with your friends or family. You can even start making plans for when the pandemic begins to get better as then you’re not in a rush to plan, plan, plan when we have been given the thumbs up to carry on with our lives. This allows you to make the most of your future. However, don’t feel pressured to do this, just because other people are. 

What do I do when I’m not feeling like myself?

When I’m not feeling myself, I always get some chocolate or crips and snuggle up in my bedroom and watch some films. After the film I then feel a lot better and to not get back into my previous state, I start to make plans for either my personal life or career. This is so I feel like I have been at least somewhat productive with my day!