The COVID-19 vaccine is designed to grant people with some immunity against COVID-19. COVID has had an impact on many people in one way or another. Whether it’s with someone’s mental health, or with someone losing a job, a family member and so on! 

With the COVID vaccine, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. There will still be a while until we are back to where we want life to be but we are near. Need Help? Take a Look at Our Need Help Page Here! 

Many of us will have had our vaccines already but for some, there is still a wait for ours. For those who are still waiting, how do you feel about vaccines? Are you nervous? However, it’s your choice on whether or not you would like to get the vaccine and remember there are many people who can’t get the vannine because of medical reasons. 

Here are some tips to overcome the nerves of the vaccine!

  • Research + Plan 

Knowing what will happen, what the possible side effects you may have and what vaccine would be best for you can help you feel calm and relaxed about going. This is because you aren’t going into the vaccine appointment clueless. For example, ask your doctor, talk to others, and look at reliable websites and resources to help calm your nerves. 

  • Focus on what you can control

Getting the vaccine is something that is a choice and as well as this, some people may be medically exempt from getting the vaccine. However, if you are getting the vaccine but are still nervous, what can you do to overcome that? 

You can schedule your day so that you are at the vaccine centre 15 minutes before your slot, as well as making sure that you have something you can enjoy after the vaccine. For example, watching a film, reading a book etc so that you have a chance to relax and focus on yourself. 

  • Go with someone you feel comfortable with   

Getting the vaccine is something that is worrying for a lot of people so going to get your vaccine with someone you know allows you to have support whilst you are there. As well as having someone to talk to about your feelings beforehand and afterwards which allows you to know that you are not alone. 

Overall, going through the pandemic has been difficult for many so remember that your feelings are valid, even if it’s over the simplest thing. These tips may not work for you but remember that there are ways that you can cope with your feelings but don’t ignore them. Lastly, remember to don’t judge or shame people for what they choose.