Today is international women’s day! A time to celebrate and advocate for women, equal rights, free sanitary products, equal pay, trans rights and countless other issues that women face of a daily basis.

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This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge which addresses the fact that many people observe gender biases, sexism, discrimination etc on a daily basis and choose to ignore it. This year we are being challenged to hold ourselves accountable for standing up against these injustices and supporting women in any way that we can.

This means that anyone who doesn’t identify as female supporting the women in our lives and women supporting other women with the shared understanding the obstacles that they face and the strength that comes with coming together and standing in solidarity together.

Today is also about allowing the necessary space for women to speak on this subject and stand up to this adversity for themselves, and so I ask you to search the #ChooseToChallange and support the women that you see posting today on social media today. Acknowledge and thank the women in your life and if you identify as a woman, take time to realise the community that is around you and the support that is available to you. But most importantly realise your power and strength as a woman to overcome any issues you may be facing and share it with the other women in your life.

Happy international women’s day!