Sometimes you may feel lonely, especially in a time where you can’t meet with your friends and family in person. That can be hard and it is ok to feel like you’re alone.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! 

How can you keep those connections? 

The most generic answers are to message them, have phone calls and facetime calls and write letters/cards (even homemade) to friends and family. 

Or be creative!

Think about how you can pass time as well as keeping those connections. 

Here are some ideas;

  • Create videos challenging your friends and family to competitions and even vlog and send them to people you know or even post them on social media for people to see. 
  • Be creative on your facetime calls; 

Create your own story with family and friends, watch films or play games such as charades.  

There are many different ways that you can connect with people outside of your household. Remember, just have fun and do what you enjoy. 

How can these activities help me feel less lonely? 

  1. They keep your mind busy which allows you to not think about being lonely. 
  2. Even though you may not directly talk to anyone, you’re virtually having fun with your family and friends!